piao 14 minutes ago

If you can support you will be asked which player do you want support

yosisoy 16 minutes ago

this might seem like a silly question, but how do I support another player in battle? assuming i have a support token...

Publius 20 minutes ago

Also the option of switching to pbem. But that depends on why he left, if rage quit, then maybe find a replacement

Publius 21 minutes ago

If it's late game, usually a kick. Again , players then decide whether to continue or abort

Publius 23 minutes ago

Depends on the situation. Was it in first round? Was it late game? If early, abort or continue, depending on what others agree t

vcporto 42 minutes ago

What to do when a player left a live game?

texas55 1 h 16 min ago


We_do_not_sow 1 h 16 min ago


We_do_not_sow 1 h 16 min ago


texas55 1 h 17 min ago

How i report km?

bricker 1 h 22 min ago

2/3 game

We_do_not_sow 1 h 39 min ago

sure, join

Don Tino 1 h 43 min ago

can someone open an unrated live game?

pimbapimba 1 h 59 min ago

I have no rank to play

TBRizZeL 2 h 3 min ago

3/6 live

matelko2207 2 h 34 min ago


SKJakubekk 2 h 41 min ago

hi guys

TBRizZeL 2 h 44 min ago

6p live

Sorin 3 hours ago

4/6 live come join

panstrateg 3 hours ago

how about some 6p live?

Can he swing from a web? Oh, no!

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