TBRizZeL 17 minutes ago

3p come back

BarteqZw 48 minutes ago

check your Game

BarteqZw 48 minutes ago

join us - you are Bara. now.

BarteqZw 48 minutes ago

Adrian Stoick - cmon we play

ReturnOfTheMack 56 minutes ago


ReturnOfTheMack 1 h 18 min ago


ClaiMore 2 h 51 min ago

3p live up

blowgrana 2 h 54 min ago

@game master, kindly can you consider an option to kick the host ? better from waiting him if he is away for a long time

Boromirinder 4 hours ago


ReturnOfTheMack 4 hours ago

6p live up

ClaiMore 4 hours ago

3p live please

Xantipo 8 hours ago

Enough players for a 6p?

Tiguera 9 hours ago

3p fast 2/3

thestarksrevenge 9 hours ago

can we get a 6p going?

Tiguera 9 hours ago

Fast 3p UP

Xantipo 10 hours ago

6p game choice tides?

AlexR 13 hours ago

live 6p - random start opened

CursedButLovely 14 hours ago

one more and go

CursedButLovely 14 hours ago


mjcoloske 14 hours ago

3p up

Do, or do not, there is no try.

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