JM Grip 2 minutes ago

Finish 10 games to get the real beta!!!

Lyanna Stark 3 minutes ago

hey guys can someone make a live for beginners?

blowgrana 3 minutes ago

2/3 join

blowgrana 5 minutes ago

3p live beta test join

JM Grip 6 minutes ago

bugfixes to get to the real beta

DavyMatt 8 minutes ago

What's new with the beta version?

blowgrana 9 minutes ago

4/5 join

Harakon 10 minutes ago

not jm but: Heyho Andyshop^^

Andyshop 20 minutes ago

Hey JM, yes it's long time ago

Ninho 27 minutes ago

who can create a 3p private game unrated for me?

JM Grip 29 minutes ago

Hi Andyshop. long time no see!

Andyshop 31 minutes ago


King_in_the_North 33 minutes ago

3p unrated live pls?

RayLannis 42 minutes ago

someone open a live pls

Sky Leung 43 minutes ago

anyone create a live room pls

CST 43 minutes ago


King_in_the_North 44 minutes ago

sorry can any mot create a 3p unrated live pls, private i prefer

Lannie85 46 minutes ago

Wildlings under construction, expansions playable on forum, not sure of other expansions will be added some day

Stannis_the_Mannis_ 46 minutes ago

like Feast for Ccrows, Dance with Ddragons and Mother of Ddragons

Stannis_the_Mannis_ 47 minutes ago

is there any perspective to release the expansions of the game?

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