Lannie85 16 minutes ago

Welcome. 6p up, enjoy

RainofFire120 20 minutes ago

If its not to much trouble could someone make a 6p live for me, I am new and would love to play a 6p live game

Abbykillu 23 minutes ago

anything live

Abbykillu 26 minutes ago

6 live would be good for new peope

Abbykillu 27 minutes ago

ill play

Jold 34 minutes ago

...which they can't join.

Jold 34 minutes ago

If you can play, of course, I doesn't need to be hostless. But they are new to the site, and only finding Rated LIVE games...

javayoung 34 minutes ago

which 3?

Saidin 35 minutes ago

well, maybe not. already 3 hostless games open apparently.

Jold 35 minutes ago

I'm not sure if they are looking for 3P or 6P

Jold 36 minutes ago

...Hostless, for RainofFire120, they are very interested.

Saidin 36 minutes ago

I can create one

Jold 37 minutes ago

If there is an MOT available to play a unrated LIVE game, or a Super MOT that can create an Unrated LIVE game,.....

RainofFire120 1 h 31 min ago

Can someone make a unrated 6p live please

Ser Hodor 1 h 32 min ago

anyone for a live rated game?

Furtum Vitae 2 h 37 min ago


Furtum Vitae 2 h 47 min ago

+1 6p rated

nenea_freud 2 h 52 min ago

3p rated, free choice

RainofFire120 3 hours ago

Can someone make a regular 6plive

Furtum Vitae 3 hours ago

cmon 6p

Use me, make me your animal.

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