amiramir 3 minutes ago

3/6 professional live game (but unrated)

amiramir 5 minutes ago


amiramir 7 minutes ago


amiramir 9 minutes ago

Join the intense battle for the Iron Throne!

amiramir 17 minutes ago

6p unrated up

Victoriatus 20 minutes ago

6p Live Game

The_Hound 1 h 26 min ago

3p live rated up

exile13 1 h 30 min ago


The_Hound 1 h 37 min ago

3p live rated up

exile13 1 h 48 min ago


exile13 1 h 53 min ago

3/6 for live rated game

Astral 1 h 58 min ago


Astral 1 h 59 min ago

6p live?

woopee08 2 h 34 min ago

live for 3p unrated pls

The_Hound 2 h 54 min ago

3p live rated up

Saretta91 2 h 54 min ago

3 live pls

woopee08 3 hours ago


kniet 3 hours ago

6p live unrated open

VyrieOfAstora 3 hours ago

can we have a 6p live unrated?

Philip Thompson 3 hours ago

Vivacious type /votekick [first letter of house name]

I never asked for this.

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