ShenY_K 3 minutes ago

have people play 3?

Lannie85 6 minutes ago

Hey Majno, welcome. I see you’re new here. Try development forum.

Majno 7 minutes ago

Hi, is there any forum for suggestions?

Arkadiusz 7 minutes ago

i see alot of beta last couple days

Lannie85 9 minutes ago

BETA is released for everyone

Lannie85 10 minutes ago

Nee hoor, hoezo? (English Pls though)

Arkadiusz 11 minutes ago

heeft iedereen super mot rechten gehad om beta te testen?

Lannie85 12 minutes ago

Blaan 14 minutes ago

Fun! I'll check it out Lannie.

Arkadiusz 14 minutes ago

haha he kicked me

Arkadiusz 15 minutes ago

only a noob kicks players cause hes afraid..

Lannie85 16 minutes ago

Who, BLaan? Yeah, biggest noob around

Arkadiusz 16 minutes ago

lol noob

Lannie85 17 minutes ago

Check it out Blaan. Woudn't be a proper tourney without you

Lannie85 17 minutes ago

Blaan 19 minutes ago

Fast 3p up

Twix 42 minutes ago

1 more to go

Twix 42 minutes ago

4/6 Fast live with wildlings join up friends

Pegarteas 48 minutes ago

Can somebody start LIVE public BETA game for 6 players please?

Pegarteas 1 h 8 min ago

for 6 players

You support is much appreciated.

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