Rooney3737 19 minutes ago

4/6 come and join guys

icantthinkofaname 47 minutes ago

otherwise, spawn point would greatly favor the lanni rather than stark, and it wouldn't be fair

icantthinkofaname 48 minutes ago

the stronghold provide you with 2 muster pts, castle 1. But in terms of winning condition, strongholds and castles are the same

Publius 52 minutes ago

Here it goes castles (strongholds + castles) > Supply > Power tokens > Iron throne position

Publius 53 minutes ago

The tiebreaker setting that favours strongholds over castles is not the default setting

Radar17X 56 minutes ago

I'm confusedI

Radar17X 56 minutes ago

Just won a game with 4 castles and 1 stronghold but bara had 2 strong and 3 castles

Publius 1 h 25 min ago

Join one of the open 6p games and you can agree with 2 others to start it as a 3 player

Vivacious 1 h 26 min ago

LF 3p live unrated

alex_niotti 1 h 32 min ago

3p 3/1 go go go

dominolyon69 1 h 37 min ago


dominolyon69 1 h 45 min ago

cool 4P live unrated join us 2/4

dalyn 2 h 47 min ago


Saretta91 3 hours ago

3 live pls

LanniKeeper 4 hours ago

live 3p

Hector1st 4 hours ago


Saretta91 4 hours ago

3 live pls

SUD 4 hours ago


icantthinkofaname 6 hours ago

unrated live 3p, i player short

sagefurth7 9 hours ago

live game, beginner friendly. looking for 2 more

Are you boring or what?

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