MelboBaggins2 2 minutes ago

Dickon's Regret 5/6p. Just need 1 more

MalcolmWest 12 minutes ago

5/6 live up

cozyvolk 25 minutes ago

aegel come backkkk

MelboBaggins2 49 minutes ago

Any MOTs can open a 6p game LIVE?

Aegal 52 minutes ago

5/6 live join up fast players

Aegal 52 minutes ago

4/6 live faster players join up

anya.chelsea 1 h 59 min ago

who knows if I can turn the game from PBEM to online?

Clay 2 h 27 min ago

3p up

Corsairxt 2 h 32 min ago

join 3p live fast

Tiguera 2 h 56 min ago


More 3 hours ago

I love play this game in quarentine

Arsalan56 3 hours ago

More is always game. I'll join the next one need a break. GG

shenzhimo 3 hours ago

You don't need rest!? @More

More 3 hours ago

6p live

MelboBaggins2 3 hours ago

Thanks PrinceToberyn! we got what we need

AyysianMurph 3 hours ago

@PrinceToberyn, thank you for setting that up.

PrinceToberyn 3 hours ago

Ayysian Murph was that not what you're looking for?

AyysianMurph 3 hours ago

@got_pocak Yes please! Can you pm me please?

got_pocak 3 hours ago

make a pbem 4p with password?

MelboBaggins2 3 hours ago

Are there any MoTs available to host a game?

Hail to JM Grip!

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