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Arek 38 minutes ago

anyone up for 1h live?

Arek 39 minutes ago

Is this place dead already?

eilon53 5 hours ago

3p up

ser_paul_malchow 7 hours ago

3/6 live

TheMoth 7 hours ago

Controlled Land Areas

Ser Jonas 7 hours ago

Just next to the number of castles

Ser Jonas 7 hours ago

On the leaderboard what does CLA stand for ?

kaisersozejan 8 hours ago

3p live - 1 needed

DaanSengers 9 hours ago

3p live up

DaanSengers 9 hours ago

3p live up

DaanSengers 10 hours ago

1p needed for 3p live

DaanSengers 10 hours ago

3p live up

yuzijing 13 hours ago


sydneygas 13 hours ago


sydneygas 14 hours ago

3p live is up

weerapongs23 14 hours ago

Why my friend can’t register

amanwilldie 21 hours ago

3p live rated up!

Shade89 25 hours ago

3p live

Sean_Snow 30 hours ago

Some one come save us b4 we loose this opportunity for a 6

PawcioF 30 hours ago

5/6 live


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