zhangmingyang 45 minutes ago

Sorry, just answered the phone

The King In The South 1 h 52 min ago

Please join

The King In The South 1 h 53 min ago

3 beginner PBEM waiting for 1 player each

Potatosalad975 3 hours ago

not after yesterday azmodeus xD

Azmodeus 5 hours ago

2/3 pro any takers?

SansaLydia 5 hours ago

3p live up

SansaLydia 5 hours ago

3p rated games

SansaLydia 5 hours ago


SansaLydia 5 hours ago

3p live up

fsilverwood 6 hours ago

if anyone would go for a 3 it seems that this 6p is not coming tonight. so, consider joining also if you would play a 3p live

chuppacabrah 7 hours ago

Thank you guys

blowgrana 8 hours ago

2/3 join

wrona 8 hours ago

so after Plaeyer 2 there will be still Player 3 and so on, even if the houses change their position on the track

wrona 8 hours ago

If the houses change their assignment to the particular position due to Doran, it doesnt change the order of turn

wrona 8 hours ago

The turn order is fixed at the beginning of the turn (so it's Player 1 first, then Player 2, then Player 3 and so on)

wrona 8 hours ago

if the Doran was used on other player and he was moved from his position on the Iron Throne, then the turn skip isn't a bug

chuppacabrah 9 hours ago

report a bug and keep playing? That one skipped move messes up the whole thing

chuppacabrah 9 hours ago

What do I do if it skipped a persons turn somehow

Nice Marmot 9 hours ago

6p pbem up go a couple rounds live them pbem

fsilverwood 10 hours ago

come on warriors, play a bit with the tides, for change

Come get some!

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