Harakon 6 seconds ago

not jm but: Heyho Andyshop^^

Andyshop 9 minutes ago

Hey JM, yes it's long time ago

Ninho 16 minutes ago

who can create a 3p private game unrated for me?

JM Grip 19 minutes ago

Hi Andyshop. long time no see!

Andyshop 21 minutes ago


King_in_the_North 22 minutes ago

3p unrated live pls?

RayLannis 31 minutes ago

someone open a live pls

Sky Leung 32 minutes ago

anyone create a live room pls

CST 32 minutes ago


King_in_the_North 33 minutes ago

sorry can any mot create a 3p unrated live pls, private i prefer

Lannie85 35 minutes ago

Wildlings under construction, expansions playable on forum, not sure of other expansions will be added some day

Stannis_the_Mannis_ 36 minutes ago

like Feast for Ccrows, Dance with Ddragons and Mother of Ddragons

Stannis_the_Mannis_ 36 minutes ago

is there any perspective to release the expansions of the game?

Lannie85 49 minutes ago

Last tests to release new map graphics and lanni’s ship in port, afaik

Lannie85 50 minutes ago

Our mental health due to all questions, which we gladly answer but we need a reboot probably

fp89 54 minutes ago

ehy guys, why on the top of page there is "beta testing"? what are we testing?

Tompsen 54 minutes ago

wanna play in 8 hours live with Beta. is it possiblr?

King Josef IV. 57 minutes ago

@Harakon done

Harakon 1 h 3 min ago

or you take the one minute and do it the proper wa

King Josef IV. 1 h 4 min ago

@Harakon: ok, give me mot rights

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