Sean Snow 58 seconds ago

Fucking eh hahaha

We_do_not_sow 1 minutes ago

Burn'em all!

Sean Snow 2 minutes ago

My street is going crazy lol

Sean Snow 4 minutes ago

We the NORTH!!!

Deithwen Addan 1 h 1 min ago

Gn all

Brendan 1 h 37 min ago

pw is raul

Brendan 1 h 38 min ago

LF one more for a 6p beginner friendly game

TheBronzeToe 1 h 53 min ago

New live game please! 6p~!!!

Babuzerajp 2 h 2 min ago


almightychris 2 h 10 min ago

live game?

Babuzerajp 2 h 31 min ago

Can i play with your frinds host?

Babuzerajp 2 h 36 min ago

please, create a live game open

Glueball 3 hours ago

Alright sounds good

JunkNuggets 3 hours ago


Glueball 3 hours ago

PBEM or live?

Glueball 3 hours ago

Alright cool

JunkNuggets 3 hours ago

Otherwise I am going to play Skyrim

JunkNuggets 3 hours ago

I am I can make a game. Just seeing how much interest since so few users online currently

Glueball 3 hours ago

I'm not MoT though

Glueball 3 hours ago

I am

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