krusty891 1 minutes ago

If I use special march token to move 2 ships and Bara throws down Salladhor, my attack strength 1 or 0?

Lannie85 9 minutes ago

Mel replaced me in the league Marco

Lannie85 9 minutes ago

Taking a GOT break guys, very needed

Marco Martell 16 minutes ago

where you took those news from?

Styl7 21 minutes ago

Lannie can't be leaving forever(right?)

Karijin 23 minutes ago

Hi Lannie85, are you leaving the league for good or just holiday?

Dangermouse 1 h 30 min ago

2/3 live

thrones 3 hours ago

live pls

finger111 4 hours ago

3/6p live

finger111 4 hours ago

3/6 live

thrones 4 hours ago

live pls

WhiteRock 4 hours ago

Live game pls

Choombi 4 hours ago

4/6 live

MelboBaggins2 5 hours ago

need 1 more for 3 way

MelboBaggins2 6 hours ago

2/3 for a 3P adventure

bmnushkin 6 hours ago

1 more for 3p live !

Mailman88 8 hours ago

cheers dude

bmnushkin 8 hours ago

just put one up!

Mailman88 8 hours ago

where are the live games at?

Guess_the_Conqueror 10 hours ago

The map on this 4p case is different. Look up 1st ed map (there is no martell)

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