Beornegar 5 minutes ago

game log also shows game id

Beornegar 6 minutes ago

aborted also

Beornegar 7 minutes ago

go to that game, it shows game id in the site adress

Styl7 52 minutes ago

can i find it in an aborted game?

Styl7 53 minutes ago

wheere can i find game ID?

NIghtCrawler 1 h 49 min ago

Last day to join Silent League!

BARTOL 8 hours ago


BARTOL 8 hours ago

3p live unrated pls

Hellgatee 8 hours ago

tyrell you could have won if you attacked lannister and then lannisport thank god you didn t see it

Shade89 9 hours ago

3p live

BARTOL 10 hours ago


18HopeCSF 10 hours ago

3P created, only needs Three Musketeers willing to duel

BARTOL 10 hours ago

3p live unrated pls

BARTOL 10 hours ago

I cant join duet to minimum 5 games for new members -)

The Viper 1997 11 hours ago

2/3 live 3p rated

BARTOL 11 hours ago


BARTOL 11 hours ago

Can u make any unrated pls?

Jonesinforathronesin 11 hours ago

3p live

BARTOL 11 hours ago

Any unrated ? I cant join any game for few hours

Styl7 11 hours ago

I don't like 3p..

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