AlexR 13 minutes ago

Live 6p up

Karijin 1 h 15 min ago

+2, calling all banners

Karijin 1 h 18 min ago

4p live with Tyrell, sunken Greyjoy, equal and premuster, Oldotown with Crown

Blaan 1 h 42 min ago

Fast 3p up

DawidW 2 h 29 min ago


DawidW 2 h 32 min ago

fast 3p up

piter1184 2 h 35 min ago

can someone create 6pl live game for beginners?

Tsen Utara 3 hours ago

6pl live up

SerGordon 3 hours ago


Ser Joseph 3 hours ago


SerGordon 3 hours ago

3p up

Mr.Clyde 4 hours ago

leave the game and after 15min it will auto turn to pbem

Ser Santos 4 hours ago

What can I do?

Ser Santos 4 hours ago

I am stuck in a live game... Both players were gone

Carolallo 4 hours ago

6 pl live pls?

Harakon 4 hours ago

With mot rights the waiting time is 0 seconds

n1ksan_ 4 hours ago

6p live created

Mengu 4 hours ago

been waiting for a 6p live unrated for over 1 hour...

Blaan 5 hours ago

2/3, last spot anyone?

imatashu 5 hours ago

no 6p?

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