fram ursul bipolar 6 minutes ago

"shame, shame, shame"

Merlo Piccante 7 minutes ago

I see. But if she blacklisted you, she had her reasons. Women are always right in Westeros, you know

Almodtam 27 minutes ago

@Victorious, thats why we´ve aborted

fram ursul bipolar 30 minutes ago

you're right milord. but i can't treat her with care if she blacklisted me, can i?

Merlo Piccante 31 minutes ago

Hey, you! Don't bother our precious ladies who like to play Got. There're few of them and we must treat them with care

fram ursul bipolar 33 minutes ago

Marcelina don't be afraid, i will attack you last.

Victoriously 33 minutes ago


Victoriously 34 minutes ago

iwas winning

Victoriously 34 minutes ago

why abort the game

Victoriously 34 minutes ago


fram ursul bipolar 36 minutes ago

remove my blacklist Marcelina and i will come and win the game

Wulf6 37 minutes ago


eilon53 37 minutes ago

2/3 live

Marcelina 38 minutes ago

Viper come join us

Wulf6 39 minutes ago

Live 3p up

Beersunny 1 h 7 min ago

3p pro 2/3

MiHaa 1 h 13 min ago

3P live up

Victoriously 1 h 54 min ago

3 player create someb

Victoriously 5 hours ago

3p one more !

eilon53 5 hours ago


I could be your quote. ;)

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