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Beersunny 47 minutes ago

4P live ty 3/4

fsilverwood 1 h 14 min ago

1/3 no more tob

fsilverwood 1 h 44 min ago

2/3 tob live

Pikkususi 5 hours ago

6p live up!

AlexanderBel 7 hours ago

3p live up

fedda 8 hours ago

live 3p anyone?

Dangermouse 8 hours ago

Thanks DJlann

Dangermouse 8 hours ago

I did and it’s resolved now

Evilemil89 8 hours ago

Did you find game dangermouse?

ClanMabou 8 hours ago


Dangermouse 8 hours ago


ClanMabou 9 hours ago

hi...does a tie with the wildlings mean that they are defeated>=?

Evilemil89 9 hours ago

Else go into my games and finished game tab

Evilemil89 9 hours ago

Sample link - just replace id

Dangermouse 9 hours ago

Nothing I could do to stop Lanni win that game and they say I KM?

Dangermouse 9 hours ago

Can somebody look at that game and tell me how I am KM!!! No way!

Dangermouse 9 hours ago

246422 - game ID

Dangermouse 9 hours ago

How do I find an old game by its game ID number

kaladrial 9 hours ago

3p live game up

SansaLydia 10 hours ago


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