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MaesterOppenheim 57 minutes ago

gunna lose a difficult win

MaesterOppenheim 58 minutes ago

we have an afk very last move of our 6p can we replace from the forums or something?

We_do_not_sow 2 h 49 min ago

youre wellcome

Nima.gk 2 h 49 min ago


We_do_not_sow 2 h 50 min ago

5p live hostless up

We_do_not_sow 2 h 51 min ago


Nima.gk 2 h 51 min ago

For beginners and have five spase

We_do_not_sow 2 h 54 min ago

what kind of game? there are one hostless 3p pending

Mobin 2 h 58 min ago

Create a game .please

Nima.gk 2 h 60 min ago


Nima.gk 3 hours ago

creat a game please

MaesterOppenheim 4 hours ago


The_Hound 4 hours ago

3p live rated up

Mobin 5 hours ago

Join the first live game

Mobin 5 hours ago

Join the first live game

Mobin 5 hours ago

Create a game .please

Mobin 5 hours ago

همین که این میگه

Nima.gk 5 hours ago

some one create a game please

Mobin 5 hours ago

یه بازی تورو خدا درست کنین

Nima.gk 5 hours ago


For your sake... WRITE SOMETHING!

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