3220190850 3 minutes ago

pbem 6p random pos plz

Arsalan56 3 minutes ago

So many MoTs online, please host a 6p game, lots of players waiting

Arsalan56 5 minutes ago

poliansky or fist please host!

Arsalan56 6 minutes ago

Someone please host 6p?

Arsalan56 8 minutes ago

IronFist you host then

TheIronFist 9 minutes ago

i dont mind a game

GeneralVer 10 minutes ago

and i dont have time to play live anymore, see you around arsalan, nice game played

GeneralVer 10 minutes ago

i cant host

Arsalan56 11 minutes ago

poliansky or generalver host!

Arsalan56 12 minutes ago

Live 6p?

Arsalan56 12 minutes ago

Lord Eddard, please host

Lannie85 17 minutes ago

Created another account after his 2nd kick and tried another time, which only then caught my eye. After complaining about not being able to play he deceived us

ezDuke 20 minutes ago

what did issakh do?

Lannie85 30 minutes ago

this will get you banned

Lannie85 30 minutes ago

Are you kidding me issakh?

cocacola162004 32 minutes ago

hi any MoT, available that can create a 3p live unrated game please

cocacola162004 42 minutes ago

hi a 3p live yunrated game please, my dera good sirs

maxillusion 1 h 21 min ago

3p rated 2/3

maxillusion 1 h 25 min ago

3p rated live any1 ?

issakh 1 h 56 min ago

oh ok thanks lanniw

Hail to JM Grip!

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