zuc 12 minutes ago

@Gnez great! thanks!

Gnez 19 minutes ago


Gnez 20 minutes ago

Did you know? Here are the best House guides made by honorable members of the thronemaster community

zuc 26 minutes ago

give me some time and ill bring that percentage down

zuc 26 minutes ago

@gnez not sure what guide you refer to. My stats are good just because I haven't played many games yet

Tiguera 43 minutes ago

fast 3p up

Gnez 53 minutes ago

Especially the one from Zizzues whom i see now has 50win% in 6p games WTF

Gnez 1 h 5 min ago

@zuc you sure you're looking good, i bet you read the did you know? guides xD !

Stark24 1 h 12 min ago

6p live up

zuc 1 h 15 min ago

got it, thanks. yeah I did notice that many players that have very high win % also have high % of games with bara, stark, lanni

Gnez 1 h 18 min ago

Not as of now, even though it's interferable from the quantity of Lanni/Bara/Stark games in relations to the other Houses

zuc 1 h 27 min ago

isn't there a way to see a player's stat for just, say, 6p games?

Azmodeus 1 h 55 min ago


zuc 1 h 60 min ago

do pro games 3p count for rated wins percentage?

15640550123 2 h 1 min ago

3plive 2/3

Fight or Flight Ya Right 2 h 4 min ago

6p live random start!

15640550123 2 h 7 min ago

3p live 2/3

starkboy 2 h 8 min ago

You're welcome!

15640550123 2 h 9 min ago

thank you so much starkboy

15640550123 2 h 10 min ago

3p live 1/3

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