mjcoloske 58 minutes ago

3p live up

AzorHodor 3 hours ago

live games up !

Ali.Gh 3 hours ago

live plzz?

AlexR 5 hours ago


Lyvz 5 hours ago

Wish I had the time to join..

AlexR 5 hours ago


AlexR 5 hours ago


MicahStar 5 hours ago

4p unrated up

AlexR 6 hours ago

live 6p - random start opened

The lord of Castamere 9 hours ago

thong you can join.

Ser Hodor 9 hours ago

storm of swords = no defense order

Ser Hodor 9 hours ago

rains of autum = no +1 march

oneeyedkraven 9 hours ago

2/3 for a quick one live

Seral 9 hours ago

Just found it I think, Rains of autumn colloect power tokens right

Seral 9 hours ago

WHat is the storm of swords and the rains of autumn? I cant seem to find what they are. I have to choose.

Tsen Utara 9 hours ago

last spot for live join us

Tsen Utara 9 hours ago

live 5/6

Seral 10 hours ago

Cool thank you

Tsen Utara 10 hours ago

only if in sea ships in port cannot support land battles

Ser Hodor 10 hours ago

yes, unless they are in a port

Spit it out! We won't laugh...

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