Kingslayer93 28 minutes ago


C4pricious 2 h 54 min ago


J.Lee 4 hours ago


J.Lee 4 hours ago

3p up

Kingslayer93 4 hours ago

3/6 rated

Old Night 4 hours ago

yea ... was taking too long

Kingslayer93 4 hours ago

i made new, come join

Kingslayer93 4 hours ago

Old Night u aborted or?

Old Night 5 hours ago


Old Night 5 hours ago


Old Night 5 hours ago

Live 6P up! Join us for a Nice game

Ser Joseph 6 hours ago

is it KM if u dont bid and X player lose and Y march into X free castle ?

Harakon 6 hours ago

why should there be a rule against it? Only if this will directly lead to the win of a playe

Kingslayer93 6 hours ago

@Namenick, no

Namenick 6 hours ago

Are there rules against conspiring to not vote for Wildling attacks to make sure that a certain player loses troops?

MrPchops 7 hours ago

Live 3 player game is up! Join in!

MrPchops 7 hours ago

Host of 3 kings wont start for some reason

MicahStar 7 hours ago

Can someone make a small unranked live game?

Jimmymarshal 8 hours ago

thats what she said

Swarley 8 hours ago

come in again

Say somehting clever!

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