Harakon 41 minutes ago

since july only super mots and donators should be able to create

Lannie85 45 minutes ago

Yeah it’s closed

Tompsen 59 minutes ago

Yeah, but last week it was possible? Or is the open beta closed?

Lannie85 1 h 1 min ago

Believe only super MoT’s can create till release, which is almost

Tompsen 1 h 3 min ago

Hey, iam a MoT, but why can’t I play beta games anymore?

Harakon 2 h 17 min ago

2 players with 5 games finished and able to ask for mot rights

Natural_Resident 5 hours ago

Yeah, a live game would be awesome

AlliserDayne 5 hours ago

Will someone create a 4-player live game please?

texas55 8 hours ago

Conquisted Land Areas

Antulay 8 hours ago

what does CLA stand for in the leader board

inaciovitch 9 hours ago


zuc 9 hours ago


inaciovitch 9 hours ago

inaciovCan someone create a 4p live game unrated? Please no pass need i just want to play a live please 😂

zuc 9 hours ago

I thought I created it beginners only, but it's beginners and pro. shouldn't make any difference though

zuc 9 hours ago

done, I'll text you the password

Bl0odraven 9 hours ago

Can someone helps me?

Bl0odraven 10 hours ago

Can someone create a private 4P Beginners Live game for me and some friends?

spartan109 10 hours ago


inaciovitch 11 hours ago

Can someone create a 4p live game unrated?

mikaakemeny 11 hours ago

are there new ones often?

Come get some!

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