Karijin 5 minutes ago

my son is already a blessing, but thanks

Rookie 9 minutes ago

thank you ser karijin,your sun will bless you all your life

Karijin 9 minutes ago

live 3p is up

Apofys 10 minutes ago

Rookie, i would join you but i cant create

Rookie 11 minutes ago

I want to play a unrated 3p game ,anybody can help me?

Apofys 12 minutes ago

Hello, everytime i proceed my order, it comes back to 'place your orders' after a refresh. Any MOT?

Rookie 16 minutes ago

need a unrated 3p game .. thank you ,my god

Rookie 17 minutes ago

need a unrated game .. thank you ,my god

ziogibom 18 minutes ago

Frenvh* do you still need a game?

Karijin 26 minutes ago

Harakon 28 minutes ago

Damn....forgot the password frenchduke

Snark3 32 minutes ago

Nice to have 3p PBEM beginner alos pls

Frenchduke 33 minutes ago

Could someone please start a 6 player pbem game for some mates and I?

MrHydeNSeek 35 minutes ago

someone for a live?

DavMajor 38 minutes ago

6 person game ? I know frondlord

MasterRain 43 minutes ago

come need players mot rights

power 52 minutes ago

"mot rights ftw" - two players are needed

MasterRain 53 minutes ago

mot right ftw 2 more players lets go

power 59 minutes ago

"mot rights ftw" - we will start with 3 players

Jezorrr 1 h 29 min ago

3p up

I could have been an App ;-(

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