inaciovitch 18 minutes ago

Can someone create a 4p live game unrated?

mikaakemeny 25 minutes ago

are there new ones often?

Necrarch 30 minutes ago

New season already started, Mike. Sorry But you can subscribe for the next one in the Forum thread.

mikaakemeny 47 minutes ago

guys, can i still join the ice and fire tournament?

z514117781 57 minutes ago

3p live

mikaakemeny 1 h 2 min ago

how do i join the tournament?

RedWombat 1 h 26 min ago

6p pro non-tournament game is up : AGreyjoyNeverPayHisDebt

scherdin 1 h 52 min ago


Drizzt14 2 h 11 min ago

I'm up for a live game, but can't play ranked

scherdin 2 h 14 min ago

6pl live pro up

Davinhox 2 h 17 min ago

somebody wanna play a live game ???

jpacmelo 2 h 54 min ago

6p live up

RedViper195288 2 h 54 min ago


jpacmelo 2 h 55 min ago

rated or unrated?

JohnTheKing 2 h 56 min ago

yes i want to play live

RedViper195288 2 h 58 min ago

anyone for a live 6p game?

Teugata 4 hours ago

any admin online to verify a friends new account?

JohnTheKing 4 hours ago

some live game?

Beornegar 4 hours ago

public beta ended last month

JohnTheKing 4 hours ago

6p live?

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