Puddingfritze 16 minutes ago

we need 3 people for a liv 6p match

Guardaboschi 43 minutes ago

Three people that want to join a fast game...?

Guardaboschi 43 minutes ago

Hello everyone! Can someone create a live beginner (or unrated) game?

JohnnySnowy 46 minutes ago

therefore there aren't brute cards yet, right?

JM Grip 57 minutes ago

none, except if released we can give you a real new versions

gazz4 58 minutes ago

Just did

ladysara 58 minutes ago

could you please transform the 3p in a 6p please

gazz4 58 minutes ago

Have put a six up for you too Lyanna, although you should be able to start it with fewer than that I think

JohnnySnowy 59 minutes ago

Which features do beta game add?

gazz4 59 minutes ago

Ah OK, 6?

gazz4 1 h 0 min ago

Live beginner up for you Lyanna

Lyanna Stark 1 h 1 min ago

more than 4p

JM Grip 1 h 4 min ago

Finish 10 games to get the real beta!!!

Lyanna Stark 1 h 5 min ago

hey guys can someone make a live for beginners?

blowgrana 1 h 5 min ago

2/3 join

blowgrana 1 h 7 min ago

3p live beta test join

JM Grip 1 h 8 min ago

bugfixes to get to the real beta

DavyMatt 1 h 10 min ago

What's new with the beta version?

blowgrana 1 h 11 min ago

4/5 join

Harakon 1 h 12 min ago

not jm but: Heyho Andyshop^^

Say somehting clever!

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