omriex7 41 seconds ago

come join Mandy

Mandy Storm 48 seconds ago

I started new one join if you dare

initiate 1 minutes ago

Why are you so salty? Have a nice game anyway. No need to be rude when we haven't even played once.

Mandy Storm 1 minutes ago

I am sorry initiate

Mandy Storm 3 minutes ago

6p live up need one more

Mandy Storm 3 minutes ago

Language barrier

Mandy Storm 3 minutes ago

No thanks

initiate 4 minutes ago

When you ask a questions it would be nice if you give some time to let me answer

initiate 5 minutes ago

Mandy you need to work with communication issues

Mandy Storm 18 minutes ago

There u go Shaun

Sartoria 19 minutes ago

Me too

Mandy Storm 20 minutes ago

Yes i am open to 6some

Shaun Baun 26 minutes ago

A 6p pbem that you can join without finishing 5 games would be nice

C.Targaryen 26 minutes ago

anyone for a 6 player live pro?

Mandy Storm 29 minutes ago

It’s the kick

Madoxx 30 minutes ago

how can i find out which one it is ?

Firestorm 31 minutes ago

Abusive play, kick or other things worth reporting

Firestorm 31 minutes ago

Violation od rules

Mandy Storm 31 minutes ago

Or murder a fellow thronemaster

Mandy Storm 32 minutes ago

If you abuse them

You fight like a dairy farmer.

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