Daniel Chauvin 16 minutes ago

6p live game!

Daniel Chauvin 23 minutes ago

i dont think so but you are welcome to hop in ours now that you are free

pmer24 24 minutes ago

Is there a way to open chats from finished games?

Daniel Chauvin 28 minutes ago

we have wildlings!

Daniel Chauvin 30 minutes ago

3/6 live

SerGordon 30 minutes ago


SerGordon 32 minutes ago

3p up

Daniel Chauvin 36 minutes ago

lol 3 now

Daniel Chauvin 38 minutes ago

4 more spots

faccinelli 44 minutes ago

is there a bug telling people the bids in clash of kings?

Menegroth 1 h 36 min ago

3p up, last spot!

Sean Snow 2 h 19 min ago

6up wildlings

chuppacabrah 2 h 38 min ago

Same crew squad I’m missing the password

Sean Snow 3 hours ago

6 up wildlings

Blaan 4 hours ago

Would you guys join if i rehosted?

Blaan 4 hours ago

I would play if it wasnt BETA, doesnt yield any rating

SerGordon 4 hours ago


Daniel Chauvin 4 hours ago

what happened smh

Daniel Chauvin 4 hours ago

there was a time when 6p live games would fill up so fast

Daniel Chauvin 4 hours ago

rodrigo hop in here

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