Signspree 8 minutes ago

pls pls someone create rated live game 3p / 6p

Signspree 20 minutes ago

pls create any 3p or 6p live rated game ¨

Ardacja 34 minutes ago

chill man. unlisted

Ardacja 34 minutes ago

wassup you little insulter

First Sword of Braavos 35 minutes ago

I can't believe you blacklisted me

First Sword of Braavos 39 minutes ago

Ardacja unblacklist me punk

BOSSShark 1 h 53 min ago

3p rate live plz

jjak34 2 h 20 min ago


brac66 2 h 23 min ago

yes, otherwise join the 6p thats up

jjak34 2 h 25 min ago

still wanna do 3p?

brac66 2 h 60 min ago

live 3p anyone?

brac66 3 hours ago

currently have a live game up w 2/6 but would also play 3p as well

Arsalan56 4 hours ago

Me too. Someone please host

brac66 4 hours ago

down to play i just cant create it

BOSSShark 4 hours ago

3p live rate plz

BOSSShark 4 hours ago

i''m here

brac66 5 hours ago

live anyone

BOSSShark 6 hours ago

any boydy here?

BOSSShark 6 hours ago

3p rate plz

Just do it 7 hours ago

5/6 live

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