Numix 3 minutes ago


chibanga 4 minutes ago

do you want a live game?

Numix 4 minutes ago

if you coud i would be happy i am here to play for couple of hours xD

Numix 5 minutes ago

thanks for the help i will check it sometimes

chibanga 5 minutes ago

then you can go back to your game. I can create a live game for begginers, if you want

chibanga 7 minutes ago

you can just close your window and go to Gaming>My Games and see if anyone moved in any of your games

Numix 7 minutes ago

....ok i see now it is not live...

chibanga 8 minutes ago

your game is a pbem game, players might not be online, but that doesn't mean you need to abort the game

Numix 8 minutes ago

33 mins in to the game and nobody even responded on chat..

Numix 10 minutes ago

Qotho's Trite Form Stop

chibanga 12 minutes ago

are you in a live game? or in a pbem? or give me the name of the game

chibanga 12 minutes ago

@numix, game is automatically sent to pbem (play by Email) if no player makes a move for a while

chibanga 14 minutes ago

if anyone wants a game, just say or ping me, i'm opening a couple games for begginers and a couple live games right now

Numix 15 minutes ago

i wont get the votes becouse only i am online i think and i cant find the envelope button ;/

LGD Kings Wings 15 minutes ago

thank you

chibanga 16 minutes ago

i got you, want rated or unrated?

LGD Kings Wings 18 minutes ago

any 6P live game?

chibanga 18 minutes ago

and if there is a required amount of votes, the game is aborted and ended

chibanga 19 minutes ago

another way to get out of a game is by voting, you type "/voteabort"

chibanga 19 minutes ago

that way you can still play it in an offline mode

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