RodrigoLannister 5 minutes ago

1 more with wildings

Old Night 27 minutes ago

6P live rated up

Dmac 54 minutes ago

you playing again?

Dmac 54 minutes ago

thanks bud!

Majno 56 minutes ago

Do you want just regular?

Majno 56 minutes ago

oops, Beta cant be hostless

Majno 57 minutes ago

I can,

Kirry 57 minutes ago

Awesome, thanks Lannie85

wheem 57 minutes ago

live for babies plz

Dmac 58 minutes ago

someone good to set up live unranked 6?

ShenY_K 1 h 8 min ago

have people play 3?

Lannie85 1 h 10 min ago

Hey Majno, welcome. I see you’re new here. Try development forum.

Majno 1 h 12 min ago

Hi, is there any forum for suggestions?

Arkadiusz 1 h 12 min ago

i see alot of beta last couple days

Lannie85 1 h 14 min ago

BETA is released for everyone

Lannie85 1 h 15 min ago

Nee hoor, hoezo? (English Pls though)

Arkadiusz 1 h 16 min ago

heeft iedereen super mot rechten gehad om beta te testen?

Lannie85 1 h 17 min ago

Blaan 1 h 19 min ago

Fun! I'll check it out Lannie.

Arkadiusz 1 h 19 min ago

haha he kicked me

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