AlexR 1 minutes ago

live 6p rated up

zizzeus 6 minutes ago

do you still need it? I see a 4p hostless up now

We_do_not_sow 7 minutes ago

done, check pm

Maad_Maax 12 minutes ago

2nd edition please

Maad_Maax 13 minutes ago

can someone PLEASE host a 4p live game for me and 3 friends??

kaladrial 17 minutes ago

Sorry, its the first time for the other guys. Just want to do a quick round to show them everything

Marco Martell 20 minutes ago

+200 users again

Brian Carroll 22 minutes ago

Could it be a 6 player please instead? Thank you!

Krab 22 minutes ago

1 player mising in 6p live

kaladrial 23 minutes ago

Oh i forgot, should be a live game

kaladrial 23 minutes ago

Hey guys! Could someone create a 3player game 2nd edition. We are a group of three, password would be nice. Thanks!

Krab 26 minutes ago

Lets join the game with 1st edition cards

Krab 26 minutes ago

Lets join the game win 1st edition cards

Brian Carroll 27 minutes ago

5 player private live please!

RussWillWinSon 29 minutes ago

i am, krab!

Harakon 29 minutes ago

and the player receives a temporary ban

Harakon 29 minutes ago

the forces turn neutral

BraidOfDrogo 30 minutes ago

if someone gets kicked, what happens?

Krab 30 minutes ago

Anyone for 6p unrated LIVE game?

Nomaris 31 minutes ago

@LastHope it is up. password sent by pm

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