judelenon02 1 minutes ago


judelenon02 2 minutes ago

1 more live

HaliF 4 minutes ago

If Tyrell attacks a single footman with defense order. Will this order be removed in/after battle?

strange_undead 5 minutes ago

come join 3/6 LIVE

Cubehead 22 minutes ago

Could one of moderators resolve replacement requests, please?

judelenon02 23 minutes ago

Can we get a live unranked?

LGD Kings Wings 52 minutes ago


Todo 53 minutes ago

cool, jump in once again then

LGD Kings Wings 56 minutes ago

I just forgot my account number

LGD Kings Wings 57 minutes ago

I'm not a beginner

Todo 59 minutes ago

slow 4p live

LGD Kings Wings 1 h 33 min ago

any 3p live ?

ylchen 2 h 4 min ago

2/3 one more

MiHaa 4 hours ago

3P live up

Wulf6 4 hours ago

fast live 3p up

fsilverwood 9 hours ago


BenG19962 9 hours ago

theirs 2 spots left in a live 4p

fsilverwood 9 hours ago

there is an online game available

Purplly 12 hours ago

Im looking for a game

Stannis Baratheon 12 hours ago

last spot in 6p live!

Spit it out! We won't laugh...

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