inaciovitch 2 minutes ago

Could someone create a live unrated game please. 3/4p

Lannie85 42 minutes ago

childish manner but also pls don’t.

Lannie85 42 minutes ago

Like I said, suit yourself and blacklist him but we don’t allow public shaming so pls don’t. And not sure why you think it’s also necessary to respond in such a

Marco Martell 44 minutes ago

1500 is something shocking indeed. He wasn't that slow when he played with me

Marco Martell 45 minutes ago

I think that speed can be checked so no need to talk about it

my_key 46 minutes ago

Somebody can be in a different timezone then you and have a job... The PBM rules say you can be kicked after 7 days.

viblz 48 minutes ago

" There are other things than playing fast in GOT" - wow, thanks for this great life advice ))))) you got some more?

viblz 49 minutes ago

why is this necessary, you ask? so other players dont make same mistake as i. i mean entering game with him.

Joker 52 minutes ago

no public shaming

Lannie85 53 minutes ago

And exactly why is this necessary? Suit yourself and blacklist him but don’t have to publicly shame him for it. There are other things than playing fast in GOT

viblz 55 minutes ago

i am blacklisting him after this. Please note everyone: VARENICK is SUPER SLOW !

viblz 55 minutes ago

i am playing 4 BETA games with this guy who has 1500+ minute average time per move

Harakon 1 h 38 min ago

since july only super mots and donators should be able to create

Lannie85 1 h 42 min ago

Yeah it’s closed

Tompsen 1 h 56 min ago

Yeah, but last week it was possible? Or is the open beta closed?

Lannie85 1 h 57 min ago

Believe only super MoT’s can create till release, which is almost

Tompsen 1 h 60 min ago

Hey, iam a MoT, but why can’t I play beta games anymore?

Harakon 3 hours ago

2 players with 5 games finished and able to ask for mot rights

Natural_Resident 5 hours ago

Yeah, a live game would be awesome

AlliserDayne 6 hours ago

Will someone create a 4-player live game please?

Type /admin to get hidden commands.

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