RodrigoLannister 15 seconds ago


Twix 13 minutes ago

join up

Daniel Chauvin 13 minutes ago

ah oof

Twix 13 minutes ago

@daniel i will create one but it i cant leave it so you would have to join quickly

IgorImp 15 minutes ago

Some Admin can help in "A Madlad's Gamit"? There is game error.

Twix 15 minutes ago

cant create a hostless game

Twix 16 minutes ago

i am not a super MoT i am afraid friend

Daniel Chauvin 17 minutes ago

@twix would that be possible? there arent a lot of games available rn

Daniel Chauvin 20 minutes ago

can someone make a 3p unrated game then rq?

Pegarteas 20 minutes ago

yup, sad crash

Ayrebalja 22 minutes ago

Our beta game just crashed, anybody can tell us if the crash is perma and we should just leave?

Twix 23 minutes ago

than 6p games*

Twix 23 minutes ago

@daniel playing quickly in your games can help,especially 3p gamse which tend to be much faster than 3 players games

Jijipapa 24 minutes ago

aeron's effect doesn't trigger if it's the last card

Daniel Chauvin 25 minutes ago

what type games do i have to play

Twix 25 minutes ago

should i wait or just leave ?

Daniel Chauvin 25 minutes ago

how do you improve speed rating

Twix 25 minutes ago

cant type and cant play

Twix 26 minutes ago

we were playing a beta game and it crashed

Daniel Chauvin 26 minutes ago

can someone make an unraeted live game?

Come get some!

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