Vessell 9 minutes ago

no MOTs here right now??

Rookie 15 minutes ago

can someone create live 3p?

TheTarzan 22 minutes ago

can someone create live 3p?

LiVSi 32 minutes ago

Fastest way to get acess to rated - finish 5 3p live games

LiVSi 34 minutes ago

Very few games have speed limit as only super mots can set it.

erathirea 35 minutes ago

You can't host, as only MOTs can host. You can't join professional games until you've completed 5 non-professional games.

The Outsider 43 minutes ago

How can I improve my speed index? I can't host, can't join rated games, can't join unrated in cause of default speed index

The Outsider 43 minutes ago

Hi there! It's my first time here on net, but I played The Boardgame a lot

Vessell 43 minutes ago

guys who can create game pls?

erathirea 45 minutes ago


Joker 47 minutes ago

/bids in chatbox

erathirea 50 minutes ago

How can you tell who hasn't bid on the influence tracks?

Vessell 50 minutes ago

can anybody create 6p live game please?

Rookie 1 h 19 min ago

I need a 3p live game ~~~

Rookie 1 h 25 min ago

Hi, please create a 3p live game ,thank you

skribbz 4 hours ago

Still need 1 more to start a 3p live!

skribbz 4 hours ago

2/3p live!

Azmodeus 4 hours ago

3 Player Championship! 4 days left!

DaanSengers 5 hours ago

3p live up

DaanSengers 5 hours ago

Oh, it's already there

Take sec and thank our team!

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