Bryska 17 minutes ago

how I am supposed to get 5 games done, if there is no games

Daredevil Z 36 minutes ago

quick start, quick end

Daredevil Z 36 minutes ago


travis23 48 minutes ago

3plive's up

Bryska 3 hours ago

could you change it to unrated?

Daredevil Z 4 hours ago


eilon53 6 hours ago


Bryska 6 hours ago

some 2 players would like to join ?

eilon53 7 hours ago

2/3 live

laosiji 9 hours ago

3p live

Nicky 9 hours ago

Anyone 3p live?

Soda-can 13 hours ago

Hope to see some more of you with me, I'll try again for sure

Soda-can 14 hours ago

Pretty sure if y'all stuck around we'd get the table

Soda-can 15 hours ago

It's always midday somewhere

holtaf 16 hours ago

I’m not gonna play anyway. It’s too late for me.

Soda-can 16 hours ago

Any chance we get 6P live to 4/6?

Soda-can 16 hours ago

Yeah, trying ones more, holtaf if you stuck around we can get it

Soda-can 16 hours ago

Anyone for 6P maybe?

holtaf 19 hours ago

live 3p up and running

pokermon 23 hours ago

3p live

This is too much for me. Go away!

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