Dave the Sweetling 6 minutes ago

2/3 live, come join us my lords

Mel 10 minutes ago

RIP King of Drugs and First Handballs

spartan109 33 minutes ago

God asked for his hand back!!!

18HopeCSF 42 minutes ago

Raise you cups for the Aegon Targaryen of Football: Diego Maradona. The One and Only. RIP.

Hoplit 2 h 20 min ago

2/3 live, one spot left

BringerofWinter 2 h 32 min ago

RIP legend

Doru11 2 h 45 min ago

AD10S Diego...

Ramoin 2 h 45 min ago

RIP Diego

euuuuuvvvvvv 2 h 55 min ago


Guess_the_Conqueror 2 h 58 min ago

Adiós Pibe

Lord Sustancia 3 hours ago

RIP Greatest of them all. Diego Armando Maradona.

IronStandsEternal 4 hours ago


IronStandsEternal 4 hours ago


Madoxx 4 hours ago

somehow i dont have mot rights

0djoe 4 hours ago


Harakon 4 hours ago

you could with mot rights

Madoxx 4 hours ago

can someone make 3p live?

LordAlexander 5 hours ago

3 players game 1 hOUR MAX Wildlings cards

eilon53 6 hours ago


FreemonMark 7 hours ago

can u let me in 3 p game? i am fast player

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