SerOberynMartell 2 minutes ago

Ser Hodor we're all in, ready to start!

RubyD 11 minutes ago


MKKMsince007 13 minutes ago


RubyD 16 minutes ago


Dangermouse 2 h 23 min ago


Gladiator 2 h 58 min ago


SerOberynMartell 2 h 59 min ago

pretty sure not, text says "attacking or defending" footman, whereas cards like victarion and kevan say "including supporting"

Gladiator 3 hours ago

guys Mace can it destroy a supporting foot ?

SerGordon 4 hours ago


Beornegar 4 hours ago

gaming -> report a player -> unjustified kick

Beornegar 4 hours ago

that's from community rules. You can of course try to get it removed via right channel

Beornegar 4 hours ago

If you have limited time to play, announce this in the game lobby so others can decide whether to play with you or not.

Beornegar 4 hours ago

2.2. Join live games only if you have at least 3-4 hours of free time, and often longer for 6 player games.

SerGordon 4 hours ago

also game was in 10th round not letting it to go pbem was too harsh, again had been almost 3 hours on 3p game

SerGordon 4 hours ago

can I get a kick reviewed, was supposed to be fast 3p game I fell alseep over 2.5 hours in on my couch

Mandy Storm 5 hours ago

Rick giving free reach around for last person who joins

Mandy Storm 5 hours ago

6p live join if you crazy

Mandy Storm 5 hours ago

5/6 live come join

Rick1995 5 hours ago

5/6 online, go?

Rick1995 5 hours ago

4/6 online, go?

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