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airtower 11 minutes ago

5/6 players in 6p live game

ICS Vortex 12 hours ago

2/3 live

Rusername 15 hours ago

4/6 players in faceless PBEM

grecko 15 hours ago

knights of the vale riding live, 5 misiing!

SansaLydia 16 hours ago

3P fast .come on.

SansaLydia 16 hours ago


SansaLydia 16 hours ago

3P fast .come on.

Karijin 17 hours ago

for what reason?

Arhad 17 hours ago

Hey. Can someone tell me how to kick a player from a game plz ?

JayCub 17 hours ago

@NaKraWedzi no, it will end with one player getting 7 castles, as usual. Just maybe not by round 10

Helle 17 hours ago

can someone host a game?

NaKraWedzi 18 hours ago

so it'll end when one house wipes out entire Westeros?

JayCub 18 hours ago

Actually the chances are that it will be more unbalanced so won't be played for a year... But who knows

yjmshinibaba 18 hours ago

sound interesting and can be played for one year

JayCub 18 hours ago

Oven? Ok autocorrect. PBEM* 😂

JayCub 18 hours ago

Crazy oven up, join at your own risk: random start, tides of battle, endless game

drogo4lame97 18 hours ago


drogo4lame97 18 hours ago

2/3 live

Mandy Storm 23 hours ago

How much?

MelboBaggins2 25 hours ago

Mine’s better than yours. I could teach you but I’d have to charge

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