TheReignOfChaos 43 minutes ago


Mr.Clyde 44 minutes ago

You are being at least disrespectful to the owner of the site, admins and users

Mr.Clyde 45 minutes ago

Dude relax with all this advertising. You made a forum thread, you informed everyone on chat. Stop repeating it

Gereon 1 h 23 min ago

Check out:

Gereon 1 h 23 min ago

Did you ever wish to play a 3/4/5p game with all 6 houses using vassals?

Kirill 2 h 6 min ago

5/6 LIVE

SAXON 2 h 32 min ago


maumastoks 3 hours ago

6p fast+ blacksmith+ europe pbem created

Mel 4 hours ago

Last day to join!

Passente 8 hours ago

1 left

Passente 8 hours ago

3 p live

househotboi 9 hours ago

could we get a 3p live goin?

LMH 9 hours ago

@msold87 lol

msold87 9 hours ago

What you feel when you win the bid for fief:

msold87 9 hours ago

™Server 9 hours ago

You are the best, welcome back!

Don't talk down to me.

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