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Vuurtoren2000 5 hours ago

I'm no MoD

Shrooms 5 hours ago

7p anyone?

IronStandsEternal 6 hours ago

nobody wanna play a 7p game?

IronStandsEternal 6 hours ago

7p live game up

SerOberynMartell 6 hours ago

DM me or respond in forum to join!]

SerOberynMartell 6 hours ago

ONLY 2 MORE DAYS until Season 25 of the League of Ice and Fire!!!

Sigi Reuven 7 hours ago

@squallwst check out "Player Replacement" section in the forum

IronStandsEternal 8 hours ago


IronStandsEternal 8 hours ago

so i am once again asking for your support xD

IronStandsEternal 8 hours ago

7p live beta game up and running

squallwst 8 hours ago

which forum should be?

PawcioF 10 hours ago

create a topic on the forum

squallwst 10 hours ago

game296040,stark is away the game over 7 days,can someone replece him?

SansaLydia 10 hours ago

3P fast .come on everyone

IronStandsEternal 11 hours ago

1/7p live beta game... come and join

sydneygas 14 hours ago

2/3 one more please

Blaan 16 hours ago


Blaan 16 hours ago

3p up

Mailman88 18 hours ago

2/3 live up

Daredevil Z 19 hours ago

anyone fast 3p?


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