Blaan 39 minutes ago

2/3, last spot anyone?

strange_undead 1 h 51 min ago

2/3 join fast

sydneygas 3 hours ago

one more folks? 2/3 live

sydneygas 3 hours ago

Kingmaking on the other hand, total no no

sydneygas 3 hours ago

BTW it is GoT so breaking alliances are always fair game

Nomaris 4 hours ago

@yjmshinibaba: no, that is not necessary. In fact, your co-player is breaking the rules by insulting you.

sydneygas 4 hours ago

2/3p live, just a bit of fun

yjmshinibaba 4 hours ago

why someone call me idiot when i betray him? Do I have to tell before i break the alliance?

Azmodeus 8 hours ago

6p live up

MrWu 9 hours ago

4/6 6p live

BringerofWinter 11 hours ago

2/3 3p live

BigMeat42069 12 hours ago

what about me?

Sweak323 12 hours ago

2/3 for a beginner live game!

Sweak323 12 hours ago

Thank you very much

Icyg00s3 12 hours ago

Game created sweak, enjoy

Sweak323 12 hours ago

Anyone out there to create a game please?

BigMeat42069 13 hours ago

we are new and we need help. will someone please help us. im scared

Sweak323 13 hours ago

Can anyone make a game for us please?

BigMeat42069 13 hours ago

i second sweak

Sweak323 13 hours ago

live please

Don't talk down to me.

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