IronStandsEternal 45 minutes ago

4/6p... 2 more to start

IronStandsEternal 53 minutes ago


IronStandsEternal 1 h 19 min ago

you are welcome*

IronStandsEternal 1 h 20 min ago

still 2/6p... come join... another 6p game is in turn 8 atm... in case the people finishing wanna join for another one you you a

IronStandsEternal 1 h 43 min ago


IronStandsEternal 2 h 1 min ago

6p live game is up in case someone wants to play

Puddingfritze 4 hours ago

anyone interested in 6 p live?

Puddingfritze 4 hours ago

guys ready pls

shuxxx 4 hours ago

3p live unrated pls

sydneygas 4 hours ago

one more for a 3p live

Sean_Snow 4 hours ago

20% win rate pbem up

iamstrong698 5 hours ago

can any Mot create a live 6p game with house selecting?

™Server 10 hours ago

I apologize, back up and runnin' again.

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