drewdavis522 3 minutes ago

need 2 more for a fast 3p game

ElPopelos 11 minutes ago

there is one: https://www.thronemaster.net/?goto=community&sub=members

101tje 15 minutes ago

but it really needs a search function

101tje 15 minutes ago

y im very lucky

RJH 21 minutes ago

..which is a good thing off course

RJH 27 minutes ago

It seems like I should have chosen a username starting with "a" then. Can't find my username these days anymore.

18HopeCSF 34 minutes ago

All this site is the work of a single guy who updates it when he has time. The answer to your q is: probably no, for a long time

Kev36092 40 minutes ago

Anybody know if there will eventually be dance with dragons expansion etc added or no plans for anything except the second edito

18HopeCSF 52 minutes ago

@nidhoggr. 4P Traditional (With Greyjoy) or with 1ed Map and Tyrell?

MiHaa 53 minutes ago


nidhoggr 56 minutes ago

Hi, still waiting for someone to make us a game for 4p live, beginners?

Zorander 57 minutes ago

doesn't the valyrian steel blade kill work as a sword icon

18HopeCSF 58 minutes ago

I Just PM you @TotallySober

TotallySober 59 minutes ago

cmon is there anyone there ?

TotallySober 1 h 8 min ago

We need table for 5 people can anyone host us that ?

nidhoggr 1 h 9 min ago

Can anyone make a 4p live for me and my mates?

TotallySober 1 h 9 min ago


MikeBike 1 h 22 min ago

there's one up with 3p in it already

Chiseitu? 1 h 23 min ago

6pl live pls?

moodyc90guy 1 h 25 min ago

can someone create me a private 3P game PBEM, please? I think you have to have hostless priviledges to do so. Thanks!

It's all here, but you have to use it.

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