JM Grip 2 minutes ago

INFO: new beta version this week

ehsan 9 minutes ago

live 3p

Nomaris 20 minutes ago

6p live is up. Have fun!

BEKWL 24 minutes ago


BEKWL 24 minutes ago

will someone host a 6player games, NOT RATED

Hallucigenia 25 minutes ago

pls 6P game public, waiting for 30mins!

HlavneSlusne 26 minutes ago

another 3p please?

We_do_not_sow 36 minutes ago

2/3 live

AlexR 37 minutes ago

live 6p rated up

We_do_not_sow 38 minutes ago

live up!

drewdavis522 1 h 2 min ago

need 2 more for a fast 3p game

ElPopelos 1 h 9 min ago

there is one:

101tje 1 h 13 min ago

but it really needs a search function

101tje 1 h 13 min ago

y im very lucky

RJH 1 h 20 min ago

..which is a good thing off course

RJH 1 h 26 min ago

It seems like I should have chosen a username starting with "a" then. Can't find my username these days anymore.

18HopeCSF 1 h 33 min ago

All this site is the work of a single guy who updates it when he has time. The answer to your q is: probably no, for a long time

Kev36092 1 h 39 min ago

Anybody know if there will eventually be dance with dragons expansion etc added or no plans for anything except the second edito

18HopeCSF 1 h 51 min ago

@nidhoggr. 4P Traditional (With Greyjoy) or with 1ed Map and Tyrell?

MiHaa 1 h 51 min ago


Are you boring or what?

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