MelboBaggins2 36 minutes ago

6p live game up. I’m willing to wait until full

MelboBaggins2 3 hours ago

Come back to us, Mandy!

Kourka10 3 hours ago

5/6 - 1 more needed for 6P live

Jonesinforathronesin 4 hours ago

3p live up

aladeen_UA 4 hours ago

this time has come, we need 3p live game. Create please

Mandy Storm 4 hours ago

Mandy Storm 4 hours ago


Kourka10 4 hours ago

6p live - Random start now up

Kourka10 4 hours ago

I've never seen Americans gets so fired up on this site, Thronemaster must have struck oil!

Mandy Storm 4 hours ago

Only join if you are prepared to get destroyed by Team USA

18HopeCSF 4 hours ago

Come and join the World Cup!!

SerOberynMartell 6 hours ago Register for World Cup 2021, only about a week left!

We_do_not_sow 6 hours ago

live up!

mXtiXsXXXXXxXXXX 7 hours ago

Heyy can someone create a 6p live game please

Ksasejos 7 hours ago

It wiped me from a chat room

Ksasejos 7 hours ago

Thanks for the game guys.

househotboi 8 hours ago

can we get another 3p live?

Rhaenys&Visenya 8 hours ago

im not a motte either

zeta 8 hours ago

1 more to go on a 3p live!

zeta 8 hours ago

done ehsan

Trust me!

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