Dexolin 4 minutes ago

Last place for a 6p live!

VAINglory 5 minutes ago

anyone create a 3p live game?

Dexolin 6 minutes ago


Dexolin 7 minutes ago

All guys from the previous game, come join for a 6p

Pho3nix 22 minutes ago

Is anyone up for a live game?

zzvxx 36 minutes ago


First Sword of Braavos 1 h 49 min ago


First Sword of Braavos 1 h 51 min ago


MotherShabooboo 2 h 35 min ago

6p live up

SansaLydia 8 hours ago

anyone set up a live 3p game?thank u

Milena 11 hours ago

3p live up

Blaan 13 hours ago

2/3, last spot anyone?

Blaan 13 hours ago

Fast 3p up

Blaan 14 hours ago

Omriex, we have a third player now

Blaan 14 hours ago

2/3, last spot anyone?

Tyrell protection associ 14 hours ago

Not enough time for a 6p match, sry, buddy

Blaan 14 hours ago

Still one more, quick math, we just need one of you

TheIronFist 14 hours ago

Blaan, if you 2 join the 6, we would only need 1 more...quick maths

Blaan 15 hours ago

None for a live game? just need one more for a 3p.

TheIronFist 15 hours ago

Anyone up for a 6p live?

You support is much appreciated.

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