Shade89 55 minutes ago


Shade89 1 h 16 min ago

3p live

SKJakubekk 2 h 11 min ago


SKJakubekk 2 h 16 min ago

cmon guys only 3 players needed for biggest fun in this times

SKJakubekk 2 h 31 min ago


SKJakubekk 2 h 33 min ago

6P LIVE !!!!

SerOberynMartell 5 hours ago

FutureOB please make your move in live game

Tsen Utara 5 hours ago


Archimedes 5 hours ago

any time

harrisonlex 5 hours ago

thanks a lot

Archimedes 5 hours ago

it is up

harrisonlex 5 hours ago

can anyone create a 3p live game,thanks

FutureOB 5 hours ago

6p live -3

RedWombat 8 hours ago

6p rated game with custom speed rule is up. Join "KhalHodorsRevenge"

Kaisers landing 8 hours ago

Extra FAST PBEM UP! Eu timezone only, No slowbys

Nomaris 8 hours ago

And can you create games atm?

Nomaris 8 hours ago

@killdoser: nothing I see either. MoT rights seem to be in order. When and through which channel did you get the message?

killdoser 8 hours ago

Sorry, you do not fulfill your MoT requirements anymore! -- Why? My profile tells me I am still MoT

AlexanderBel 9 hours ago


initiate 9 hours ago

can someone answer if eliminated player loses wildlings on default or there is a bidding anyway?

C'mon... hit me!

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