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Rhaegar259 8 minutes ago

last chance to join

Rock10 12 minutes ago

Your country needs you! 165 hours remaining...

Rock10 13 minutes ago

Join the World Cup of GoT (152 players/38 countries)

Rhaegar259 14 minutes ago

guys come join

Rhaegar259 17 minutes ago


Rhaegar259 17 minutes ago

new game up

Rhaegar259 19 minutes ago


jusdan 59 minutes ago

any chance for a live beginner game? even 3 ppl is ok

The Sphinx 2 h 47 min ago

Okay with random?

The Sphinx 2 h 48 min ago

Im in for a 3p can start if you want'

Menegroth 2 h 55 min ago

We can start as 3p if you want!

Ramoin 3 hours ago

One last player for a 3 people game!

Ramoin 4 hours ago

is anybody up to play ?

Ramoin 4 hours ago

Come get some !

We_do_not_sow 4 hours ago

me too

The Sphinx 4 hours ago

I hate ToB

CrispyNinja 4 hours ago

no prob!

CrispyNinja 4 hours ago

combat. Because the system asks about the ToB first, then asks about adding 1

The Sphinx 4 hours ago

Thanks for explaining!

CrispyNinja 4 hours ago

it appears that in this instance you may have clicked 'YES' to use the sword, but you likely said yes to re-drawing the ToB card and not using it to add 1 to

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