Vessell 1 minutes ago

I see, thank you

geennaam 1 minutes ago

join the game*

geennaam 3 minutes ago

can you create the unrated game I just made?

Vessell 3 minutes ago

my speed index is 4. i cannot join these game

geennaam 4 minutes ago

you got it

Vessell 6 minutes ago


Vessell 9 minutes ago

can somebody create 6p live game please?

Rookie 26 minutes ago

3p live game is up come on let's have fun

Rookie 32 minutes ago

3p live game is up come on let's have fun

Partywurst 1 h 2 min ago

and muxia, do you still need one?

Partywurst 1 h 3 min ago

3p Beta live, feel free to join

muxia000 1 h 36 min ago

can anybody creat a hostless 3-plays? i want to play with my friends~

JaimeOneHandLannister 1 h 44 min ago

Good to know. I just don't want to risk being kicked.

Azmodeus 1 h 45 min ago

If there is only 1 move left you might as well leave with them and wait

Azmodeus 1 h 45 min ago

If everyone in the game goes inactive for 15 minutes it turns to pbem

JaimeOneHandLannister 1 h 46 min ago

If they don't return I'm going to be stuck in a game forever.

Azmodeus 1 h 47 min ago

2/3 live

JaimeOneHandLannister 1 h 49 min ago

I need help. I'm in a 3p game, and there's one move left, and both players ditched

Bryman212 1 h 50 min ago

6P unrated up

TheReignOfChaos 2 h 38 min ago

Can any MoT make an unranked 3 or 6 please

Type /admin to get hidden commands.

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