bujanx 1 h 6 min ago

we GTG shade

Shade89 1 h 13 min ago

2/3 live

BAPO9999 1 h 14 min ago

hi any admins here? i need PM

bujanx 1 h 16 min ago

3p live game anyone ... fast only please sub 40 secs min

BAPO9999 1 h 23 min ago

hey i cant gibe anynorders in game 267929

Shade89 4 hours ago

3p live 2/3

bujanx 4 hours ago

2/3p live fast quick game !!!

bujanx 4 hours ago

can MOt please create 3p live ?

blondin 5 hours ago

3p live up

GoTea 5 hours ago

live game anyone?

Styl7 5 hours ago

I m kinda pissed that I lost even though if i realised that i had no tokens I would win...

Styl7 5 hours ago

no such a thing as deserving the win, you won

WorLor 5 hours ago

Just dumb luck gave it to me

WorLor 5 hours ago

I did not deserve that win at all i think

WorLor 5 hours ago

that is probably the most bullshit win i have ever had

bujanx 5 hours ago

1 more for 6p live for 3 hours then PBEM

bujanx 5 hours ago

cmon, no one with 3 hours to spare ?

bujanx 5 hours ago

@royalrevenge where you go ?

bujanx 5 hours ago

just need one more

bujanx 5 hours ago

5/6 live

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